Spatialising the structure of an argument with reveal.js

reveal.js document mapInspired by some elegant slide decks by James Baker and Martin Eve for their Black Box workshops, I’ve finally got around to trying reveal.js, in the low-stakes context of an undergraduate lecture. What appeals to me the most about reveal.js is its ability to structure slides in both ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ ways, ie. to use spatiality to signal to one’s audience the structure of one’s argument (and my students will testify that when it comes to their writing, I am all. about. structure). The ability to quickly zoom out and locate another slide is useful, and not being dependent on a Microsoft product is a nice bonus.
I experimented with Markdown but ended up going with HTML so I could control the line spacing (so as to get decent-sized chunks of the Waste Land on the screen). For those who want to try it, reveal.js lives here, and you can look at the source code of my lecture slides as a template.
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